Parenting Means Catching Vomit in Your Bare Hands … and Other Things

Oh, Parenting, you wild and wonderful adventure, you. Just when we think we’ve got you all figured out, you remind us we never had a clue. You humble us, poke fun at us and bring us incredible joy. You do these things and so much more, but not a moment before making us all-around better […]

5 Dreams for My Sons

As the mom of two sons, I’ve spent a lot of time daydreaming about the men my boys will one day become. Will they be kind? Will they be fair? What careers will they choose? What will they be passionate about? As eager as I am to discover the exciting answers to these infinite questions, […]

8 Parenting Mantras to Get You Through the Tough Moments

I don’t have to tell you that parenting is filled of frustration and sprinkled with greatness. From the the bedtime struggles to the epic meltdowns in aisle 5 there are moments when the magic and beauty of parenting get lost in the chaos of our everyday. Then, just as quickly, a precious moment appears to […]

Dear Kids, There’s Something I Want You to Know

Kids, can you come here a second? Sit down. Hey listen…no really, you guys. Wait, come back…yes, you. Please sit. OK now listen, I have something to tell you. I — hang on, sweetie. I’ll get you a snack in a minute. Listen, the thing is, I need you to understand something. I’ve been thinking […]

How Reading With My Son Made Me a Better Mother

I may blog for a living, but I was never much of a reader. In fact, my Facebook feed was about all the reading you’d find me making time for. Given the choice between a book and Us Weekly, I’d choose the Us Weekly every time because Ooo! Look at all the pretty pictures! I […]

Our Parents Didn’t Worry This Much

A couple of days ago I was on the phone with my best friend. Let’s just call her Gwen because that’s her name. Gwen has 6-year-old triplets while I just have the one 6-year-old (who feels like triplets) so naturally, the conversation turned to our kids. We talked about the funny/cute things our kids were […]

Parents, Have Your Child Interview You!

Last month, I encouraged you to conduct an annual video interview with your child to capture the essence of their personality as they grow. Don’t quite remember? Take a look at this how-to video. This month, I’m asking you to take a turn in the hot seat and allow your child to interview YOU! Why? […]

Stop! In the Name of Play

I’ve been told I have a one-track mind. No, not like that (do you not know me at all?). As a  Type-A bionic doer, when there’s a job to be done I’m doing it from start to finish. No breaks, no finishing it later, no interruptions. But being a parent who’s lucky enough to work […]

Parenting Resolutions in Love

This new year (like every new year of my adult life) I mentally calculated lessons learned, lessons lost, and what I hoped to achieve in the upcoming 365 days. As I sat down to pen my personal goals, I began to write a parenting manifesto of sorts. One that begins and ends with my offerings […]

I’m the Mom Who Stole Christmas

My kids want a dog for Christmas and I don’t. Click here to read all about the internal battle inside my head.