Parenting Means Catching Vomit in Your Bare Hands … and Other Things

parenting-means-2Oh, Parenting, you wild and wonderful adventure, you. Just when we think we’ve got you all figured out, you remind us we never had a clue. You humble us, poke fun at us and bring us incredible joy. You do these things and so much more, but not a moment before making us all-around better people for simply knowing you.

While the parenting experience has been known to mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, certain universal truths remain. Let’s take a look!

Parenting means…

… MacGyver-ing a makeshift diaper out of used Starbucks napkins, bobby pins and resealable sandwich bags.

… not hesitating to catch vomit with your bare hands and then congratulating yourself for it.

… banning junk food for your kids and then binging on Cheetos and Oreos from your secret stash.

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