Sometimes I Feel Guilty for Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

When I gave up my full-time job to become a stay-at-home mom, part of me felt like I deserved it. I’d been at the same demanding job for 14 years. I’d placed two precious infants in daycare. I’d been a mom for more than a decade with too few precious moments to show for it. […]

The Small Parenting Change That Made the Biggest Difference

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m a bit of a multitasking marvel. I’m able to check homework, prepare dinner, and fold laundry in a single bound, my git-er-done philosophy has allowed me to beat motherhood at her own game — or so I thought.

Parenting Means Catching Vomit in Your Bare Hands … and Other Things

Oh, Parenting, you wild and wonderful adventure, you. Just when we think we’ve got you all figured out, you remind us we never had a clue. You humble us, poke fun at us and bring us incredible joy. You do these things and so much more, but not a moment before making us all-around better […]

I Feared My Parents – and Think That’s a Good Thing

I grew up fearing my kind and loving parents for one very simple reason: they meant business. While my parents gave me all the affection and support I could wish for, I guess you could classify my upbringing as old school. I wasn’t given many choices when it came to things like meals, bedtimes or […]

25 Things Every Parent Should Make Time For Again

As parents we’re required to do a lot of things: comfort, heal, love, protect, provide, and teach. And along with each of these parental responsibilities, our hearts are called to do the same for our partner, friends, extended family, and ourselves. But that last part gets a little tricky sometimes. We’re often so busy doing […]

Why I’m Getting Real With My Kids

I’m pretty sure the day the first parents were placed on this earth, they never intended to be the best. They did what they had to do – protect and care for their children the best way they knew how. Once the population grew and more and more parents inhabited the earth, I’m guessing they […]

20 Inspirational Quotes for Kids to Live By

I come from a family of talkers. Growing up, my parents were always talking. Whether they were imparting bits of parental wisdom or simply orchestrating a life lesson out of nothing at all, I was always listening, watching, and of course, learning. So as someone who’s had pretty decent life so far on account of […]

10 Things I Hope My Sons Never Do

Kids mess up. It’s kind of their job. And they do it well. It’s our job as parents to love our kids when they screw up, teach them right from wrong, and ultimately serve as an example of righteousness…or so I read somewhere. As a mom I’ll love my kids no matter what they do, […]

Parents Just Don’t Understand

Remember feeling like the girl in this picture growing up? Me too. I asked readers to share their childhood stories of feeling misunderstood and did you ever. Click here for some awesome reminders to keep trying to understand, even when our kids make it really, really hard.

Readers Admit: I Knew I Became My Mom When…

Becoming our mother happens to the best of us. Check out how these readers knew they became their mother and leave a comment here to be entered to win a $100 American Express gift card! Giveaway ends tomorrow!