I Feared My Parents – and Think That’s a Good Thing

I grew up fearing my kind and loving parents for one very simple reason: they meant business. While my parents gave me all the affection and support I could wish for, I guess you could classify my upbringing as old school. I wasn’t given many choices when it came to things like meals, bedtimes or […]

Before I Had a Toddler I Swore I’d Never…

I asked and you responded with the best answers ever! Before you had a toddler, y’all swore you’d never…[click here]

I’m Not Sorry

I waffle on this issue like a dirty politician. Total mental tug o’ war going on. Check out how I feel about it today.

When Your Kid is “The Bad One”

I have always viewed my children’s behavior as a reflection of myself and my parenting. When my kids have a meltdown in public, it’s waaay personal for me. Why are they doing this? What am I doing wrong to make them behave likethis? How do I get them to stop? My first son was easy, […]