We Know How She Does It: Real Moms Offer Real Advice On Working From Home


Ahh, working from home. It sounds like a dream, right?

No soul-crushing commute, no meetings to discuss meetings, no ridiculous office politics. Just you, in your space, on your schedule, crushing that voodoo that you do. Imagine the flexibility! The possibility! The productivity! THE PAJAMAS.

But when work at home aspirations become residential reality, we quickly discover flexibility, possibility, and productivity demand a plan. [read more…]

58 Thoughts Every Parent Has at Parent-Teacher Conferences


I knew it would be coming home any day on pastel green paper in all its wrinkled glory  the annual parent-teacher conference notice.

I didn’t have specific reason to be nervous. My son seems to be managing academically and he even has the same teacher as last year. But the mandatory meeting to discuss my child’s 6-week progress in a new grade level is enough to give me the “please talk to your son about appropriate classroom behavior” butterflies and “he’s struggling in math” jitters.

You’d think I’d be used to the parent-teacher tête–à–tête. I’ve been meeting teachers in empty classrooms for a combined total of 12 years now. Only once have I cried. Only twice have I considered transferring my child. Yet year after year, grade level after grade level, I cringe at the very mention of constructive criticism. [read more…]

Dear Son: These Are the 5 Best Decisions You’ll Ever Make


My Dear Son, Lately you’ve been hearing a lot about how the decisions you make today affect all your tomorrows. I see you taking it all in. Worrying. Wondering. You mentioned there didn’t seem to be room for mistakes anymore. I tried to assure you mistakes were yours for the making — a rite of […]

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13 Things I Learned from My First Week of High School


Hi everyone, it’s Ryan*. This week I started high school as a freshman. The bad news is that the week was terribly long. The good news is that I learned some things that might come in handy for kids starting high school soon. Take a look:

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16 Times the First Day of School Went Terribly, Horribly Wrong


My first day of 7th grade was the stuff of graphic novel nightmares. New to middle school and the public school system as a whole, I strutted down the locker-lined hallways decked out in the stuff of neon tweenage dreams. Determined to make everyone notice, I took it slow and smiled. People stopped and whispered. […]

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8 Things Every Parent Should Know Before Their Child Starts Middle School


In four short days everything will change. My son will walk through the student entrance of his new high school a gawky freshman and emerge a graduating senior in only four short years. I don’t know how we got here so fast. I didn’t intend to speed through this parenting road trip. It feels as […]

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100 Thoughts Every Parent Has at the Beach with Kids


“I love the beach!” I exclaimed to my husband while loading up the last of our beach baggage. “Why don’t we go more often?” “Because you hate the beach,” he quipped. “No, I don’t! Sun, surf, sand — what’s not to love?” “At best, you have a love-hate relationship with the beach. Every parent does. It’s […]

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14 Women Share the First Time They Were Shamed as a Mother


The moment my pregnancy test came back positive, I felt uncharacteristically ready. Joining the ranks of strong women who’d brought new life into the world had been a dream of mine. Sharing in the responsibility of raising the next generation felt significant. So when it came to learning everything I could about motherhood, I was […]

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I Am Not the Only Parent In This House


There I was, sick in bed with a fever on a Saturday night, while my perfectly healthy husband and kids watched River Monsters downstairs. “Moooooooooooom!” my youngest shouted to the far reaches of the vaulted ceiling. “Can you get me a glass of milk?” Seriously, child? Your dad is right there. As in, three inches […]

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How My Friendships Changed After Kids


LOL thumbnails. LOL I can’t seem to embed this video. LOL, please click here because we’re friends.

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