In Defense of the Simple School Dance Ask


His name was Brian and he was a junior. He had red hair, an ambitious goatee, and he liked me. I suppose I should have been flattered. As a shy freshman, I didn’t get the attention of boys or upperclassmen  very often.

One day after class, Brian approached me and said hello. I muttered a quick hi and cast my eyes down at my Keds. He mentioned something about our football team and then politely asked me to the homecoming dance. Embarrassed, I made up some excuse about having family in town that weekend, never once even bothering to look him in the eye. He said he understood, that it was cool, and began to walk away. As I scurried in the opposite direction, I shouted an obligatory “Sorry!” his way before ducking into a hallway. It was awkward and terrible, and for years I’ve regretted the way I handled his sincere request. Lately, however, I feel even worse because now my teenage son is doing the asking.

9-Year-Old Boy Creates Incredible Handmade Costumes Based on Famous Characters

Had to post one more of his Rafiki costume because he said my last photo didn't capture all the detail. #Parkerpretends

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Meet Parker Watson: talented costume designer, master pretender, and all-around incredible 9-year-old, who sparks imagination one Instagram post at a time.

The adorable 3rd-grader regularly dresses up in homemade costumes — channeling everyone from Harry Potter to the Grinch — and poses for photos that his mom uploads under her Instagram handle, @fourplusanangel.


There’s no question Parker’s something special; magic found a home in him from the very beginning.

Born at 28 weeks gestation and weighing only 1 lb., 14 oz., Parker’s tenacious spirit was known throughout his three-month NICU stay. In the years that followed, his light continued to shine bright.

I'm having trouble with the amount of Big Kid coming through in this one. #parkerpretends

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Ever since he was a toddler, Parker’s been a performer. According to his mom, writer Jessica Watson of Four Plus an Angel and author of the upcoming children’s book, Soon, Parker used to stage his very own Wiggles concerts in the family basement. As his passion for performing grew, so did his interest in costumes. Speaking with Babble, Parker shared how his creative process began

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk billion dollar foundation: Is it worth it?

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The Great Retainer Debate

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Essential Self-Care for Creatives

Wellness and body care lifestyle concept with a wall clock and myself word and sign printed in red 3d render image.

There are times when the stringing together of words into soulful sentences feels so instinctual, your head reaffirms what your heart already knows: you were born to create. But then there are other times. Uncertain times. Times when the creative flame begins to flicker. When words retreat, ideas fail, and false starts lead to dead […]

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15 Must Have Mantras for Writers


Pen to paper, fingers to keys, writers weave ideas into words that spark wildfire. You, my friend, are a firestarter. Your words ignite emotion, illuminate truth, and fan the flames of incredible change. It’s a big job. An important job. And an a creative soul like yours requires kindling to keep burning. While it’s true […]

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I Didn’t Need You to Take Care of Me After My Miscarriage, I Needed to Take Care of Myself


A friend of mine just suffered a miscarriage. I stopped by with milk and cookies for the sole purpose of holding her hand. I told her I was sorry. I cried alongside her. And then I sat there, clenching her hand in silence for nearly an hour. Deep in the quiet, my heart wanted to […]

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On Quitting Your Day Job to Pursue Your Daydream


Choosing a job you love may mean you’ll never work a day in your life, but there’s no underestimating the courage it takes to get there, especially if it means quitting your day job. For 14 years the courage escaped me. Working a corporate job in a male-dominated industry, I spent my days (and nights […]

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We Know How She Does It: Real Moms Offer Real Advice On Working From Home


Ahh, working from home. It sounds like a dream, right? No soul-crushing commute, no meetings to discuss meetings, no ridiculous office politics. Just you, in your space, on your schedule, crushing that voodoo that you do. Imagine the flexibility! The possibility! The productivity! THE PAJAMAS. But when work at home aspirations become residential reality, we […]

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58 Thoughts Every Parent Has at Parent-Teacher Conferences


I knew it would be coming home any day on pastel green paper in all its wrinkled glory — the annual parent-teacher conference notice. I didn’t have specific reason to be nervous. My son seems to be managing academically and he even has the same teacher as last year. But the mandatory meeting to discuss my […]

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