Princess Diana for a Day


As a little girl, I had one big dream: to becoming a nurse-princess. Sure, it hadn’t been done before, but I could have certainly been the first. I’d wear scrubs by day and gowns by night, and it all sounded rather practical until I learned that nurses have to deal with…blood. The very word made me weak in the veins. Upon this realization, I was forced to settle on a career as princess; life can be so unfair at times.

High school proved to be a bit of bummer on account of Queen Renaldi’s no-show. While I was lucky enough to marry my Prince Charming, our castle turned out to be an always too hot upstairs apartment.

Time marched on and I had two little princes of my own. Just when it seemed my royal dreams weren’t meant to be, Babble invited me to portray Princess Diana in honor of Women’s History Month, highlighting one of 49 Great Moms in History!


I was excited and nervous and honored and eager because PRINCESS DIANA. Not only was she an incredible mother, she was an iconic beauty, champion for children, and true humanitarian who meant so much to all of us.

The day of the photo shoot, I headed to the studio to get my transformation on. The hair and makeup team was incredible!

Here’s a scared selfie I sent my husband from the bathroom.


SO MUCH FEATHER. My 5th grade self would have been so jealous of this picture-perfect Diana do! [Continue reading…]

Do You Check Your Kid’s Grades Online…Like, A Lot?

Step away from the grade portal…

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Secret Clothes

C’mon, tell me about your secret clothes.

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Welcome, 2017.

From floppy disks and uncomfortable bras to cutting your own bangs and blaming your mom. Like us? WE LIKE YOU, TOO! Be sure to follow From Carpools to Cocktails on Facebook for more awesome Amber.

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