Introducing The Untitled GenX Podcast!

You know how sometimes you’re in quarantine and so over staring at your same four walls so you Marco Polo your bestie about the long and boring days of quarantine while being so over staring at your same four walls?

Yeah, well, I’m no brainiac but I’m pretty sure that’s when all the best ideas are born …

Enter The Untitled GenX Podcast! A pop culture podcast hosted by me and my childhood bestie where we break down the movies, music, and TV shows of the ’80s and ’90s that shaped us into the reluctant adults we’ve become.

Also, you oughta know that we know nothing about podcasting. As in NOTHING. So this ought to be fun … or funny … or frustrating … or most definitely all three.

You can stream us wherever you get your favorite pods, but here’s a little RSS feed for ya just to make it easy. Welcome and happy listening! Xo

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