5 Things My Tween Fears Most About Growing Up [Video]

Growing up can be scary, so it came as no surprise when Boy Wonder began exhibiting trepidation whenever the subject would arise. While I wish I could just wave my magic wand and make all of his fears disappear, I believe it’s my job to try and talk the fears out – try being the […]

How to Capture Your Child’s Development With a Video Interview!

You guys, I don’t like telling you what to do, but this time I’m going to. Go get your video camera, phone, or whatever recording device you’ve got and sit down to interview your child. Do it NOW. You won’t be sorry. Check out my interview with Boy Wonder right here.

The Tale of a Reluctant Foodie

Have a child who would rather do anything than eat? Big hugs, I did too. Take heart, I have a story of foodie hope to share – as told in pictures. Ooo! Visual aids!

16 Things You Should NEVER Say to the Parent of a Toddler

Rude people say what? Click here for a list of the worst verbal offenses to parents of toddlers.

The Very Best Things About Toddlers

Let’s hear it for the little people who steal our hearts without even trying! Click here to celebrate the very best of toddlerhood!

The Top 10 Bittersweet Moments of Toddlerhood

Seriously little one, STOP growing up!  You’ll killing me! Check out the Top 10 Bittersweet Moments of Toddlerhood here.

The 10 Little People You Meet in Preschool

Preschoolers may be small but their personalities are super-sized! Click here to check out the 10 little people your toddler will meet in preschool.

The Last Call

Don’t call me, I have kids. Click here to read a break-up letter to my phone.

I’m Not Sorry

BooBoo had a rough day yesterday; the mean streets of preschool must have gotten the better of him. He was having no part of finger-painting and circle time, so he decided to exclude himself and act out inappropriately. BooBoo’s preschool teacher was giving me a recap of his day and I found myself apologizing; apologizing […]

Toddler Behavior: I Give Up

I’m dusting off this old school vlog about Walmart, aisle 5 and meltdowns on Babble today. Click here to see BooBoo guest star as himself.