10 Fights Worth Having With Your Kids

I learned a long time ago that you have to pick your battles with your kids, but with so many battles worth fighting, how do you choose? It all starts with taking inventory of the values that matter most in your family. We like to keep things simple ’round these parts, honoring truth, character, worth, […]

I’m Not Special and That’s Pretty Damn Special

I was given the opportunity to write 16 introductions for Babble’s Top 100 Mom Blogs and the experience taught me something really valuable. I learned, damn, there are so many amazing moms out there. Amazing writers, yes, but even more than that; amazing moms. It made me feel completely empowered to realize how many rock […]

When You Realize

There comes a point when you realize nothing lasts forever. For me, it was seeing this 4th grade picture of Boy Wonder. Just last year, his front two baby teeth remained; reminding me that he was still young, and I guess, still mine. What a difference a year has made for this boy. He’s becoming responsible, […]

The Very Best Things About Toddlers

Let’s hear it for the little people who steal our hearts without even trying! Click here to celebrate the very best of toddlerhood!

The Top 10 Bittersweet Moments of Toddlerhood

Seriously little one, STOP growing up!  You’ll killing me! Check out the Top 10 Bittersweet Moments of Toddlerhood here.

Casualties of Parenthood

Ever notice how absolutely hazardous parenting is to your physical well being? The danger falls into two distinct categories I will examine here.

Never (Ever, Ever) Apologize for the Parent You Are

So I wrote this post for Babble, My Toddler Has a TV in His Room and I’m Not Sorry.  The post wound up on the Yahoo! homepage linking to Yahoo! Shine with over 2,200 comments ranging from everything from support to allegations of neglect and child abuse. Who would have thought in a bazillion years that the piece […]