I’m Not Special and That’s Pretty Damn Special

I was given the opportunity to write 16 introductions for Babble’s Top 100 Mom Blogs and the experience taught me something really valuable. I learned, damn, there are so many amazing moms out there. Amazing writers, yes, but even more than that; amazing moms.

It made me feel completely empowered to realize how many rock star moms are out there fighting the good fight every day for the future of the human race. Sounds a little cheesy but I mean it.

These women, along with all of us, toil, sacrifice, lead by example, and more than all of that, deeply love their children.

Motherhood isn’t a job; it’s a privilege.

I have faith in the children of today, just knowing there are so many of us out there with the same passion for our children.

I am proud to be one of so many amazing moms out there and I hope you are too.

Simply put, we rule Mommy Friends.

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