Moms, How Do We Know If We’re Doing a Good Job?

I’ll be honest with you. Sometimes I look at other moms and wish I could be more like them. You see that mom calmly talking her obstinate toddler down from a tantrum? Yeah, I’m nothing like her. Or that mom who’s organizing school fundraisers, hosting epic birthday parties, and driving all over the planet for […]

Dear Kids, There’s Something I Want You to Know

Kids, can you come here a second? Sit down. Hey listen…no really, you guys. Wait, come back…yes, you. Please sit. OK now listen, I have something to tell you. I — hang on, sweetie. I’ll get you a snack in a minute. Listen, the thing is, I need you to understand something. I’ve been thinking […]

I’m Actually a Pretty Good Mom

It’s easy at the end of a tough day to rush to my keyboard – fingers abuzz, eyeballs soaked with tears – and blog out every last parenting doubt, fear, and seemingly insurmountable challenge that I neither have the courage, nor the tenacity to tackle in that moment. I’ve blogged for advice, blogged for reassurance, […]

I’m A Better Mom for Making Mistakes

Raise your hand if you’re one of those parents who messes up on the regular. Me too. Now raise your hand if you’re one of those parents who messes up on the regular and then beats themselves up over it. Me too! As a mother who’s spent a cool decade replaying her greatest parenting misses on […]

Stop! In the Name of Play

I’ve been told I have a one-track mind. No, not like that (do you not know me at all?). As a  Type-A bionic doer, when there’s a job to be done I’m doing it from start to finish. No breaks, no finishing it later, no interruptions. But being a parent who’s lucky enough to work […]

Your Ultimate Parenting Permission Slip

I never claimed to be an expert in parenting because doing that would be stupid. A degree in Child Development, two kids, and a blog does not an expert make. How could I possibly presume to know what works for you and your kids when I don’t even know what works for me and mine? […]

A Mother’s Measure of Success

There are times that I really blow it as a mother. Try as I might, I manage to disappoint myself at least a few dozen times before lunch. You see, motherhood is hard. If you’re a mom you already know that. If you’re not a mom, just wait. I was a totally better mom before […]

I’m Not Special and That’s Pretty Damn Special

I was given the opportunity to write 16 introductions for Babble’s Top 100 Mom Blogs and the experience taught me something really valuable. I learned, damn, there are so many amazing moms out there. Amazing writers, yes, but even more than that; amazing moms. It made me feel completely empowered to realize how many rock […]

11 Things That Make Us Feel Like Sucky Parents (and the 1 Thing that Makes it all OK)

I asked what made you feel like you sucked as a parent and you answered. …but the story has a happy ending.

10 Ways I Fake Being a Good Mom

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