All I Want for Mother’s Day Is Not to Care About Mother’s Day

“When we consider just how personal the motherhood experience is, it’s easy to see all the many ways Mother’s Day can miss the mark.”

8 Things I Never Understood About My Mother — Until Now

When it comes to motherhood, it’s hard to say who shapes who more — the mother or the child. And even though moms parent with varying moments of warmth, understanding, rigidity, and spontaneity, devotion remains at the heart of each and every one. But mom’s unconditional love doesn’t mean her methods are always easily understood. […]

8 Truths About Motherhood You Need to Hear

I remember my first day out without my baby as a first-time mom. At the insistence of my girlfriend, we met up for pedicures to catch up on the happenings outside Babyville. Just then, a pregnant woman walked in. “Sucker.” I thought to myself. Sucker. I literally thought SUCKER. I’ll admit I wasn’t in the […]

10 Things Motherhood Isn’t

Long before we ever became mothers, most of us had a pretty good idea what motherhood was all about. We knew there would be messes, skinned knees, and tantrums. There would be snuggles and perfect moments and giggles. But what most of us didn’t know is that it would be all of these things and […]

Dear New Mom, There Are Some Things I Want You to Know

Dear New Mom, If you’re holding your precious new baby in your arms and feeling immeasurably blessed and overwhelmed, you should know that you’re not alone. As a newly initiated member of the motherhood council, you’re likely to have questions. Big, important questions, such as: When are things going to get easier? When will I […]

Dear Kids, There’s Something I Want You to Know

Kids, can you come here a second? Sit down. Hey listen…no really, you guys. Wait, come back…yes, you. Please sit. OK now listen, I have something to tell you. I — hang on, sweetie. I’ll get you a snack in a minute. Listen, the thing is, I need you to understand something. I’ve been thinking […]

I’m Actually a Pretty Good Mom

It’s easy at the end of a tough day to rush to my keyboard – fingers abuzz, eyeballs soaked with tears – and blog out every last parenting doubt, fear, and seemingly insurmountable challenge that I neither have the courage, nor the tenacity to tackle in that moment. I’ve blogged for advice, blogged for reassurance, […]

Never Have I Ever: Mom Edition

I don’t want to come out and say that I’m an indifferent parent; I’m just one of those parents who has priorities in addition to her children. And while my kids have always been and will continue to be my first and biggest priority, they get to own my heart – not every second of […]

Justin Bieber’s Mom Got it Right

It’s rare that I take a page out of any celebrity’s parenting handbook. It’s not because celebrities don’t have valuable wisdom to impart, but rather, our realities are more than a little bit different. Instead of running lines with my kid on a private plane to Paris or planning their upcoming world tour, my kids […]

I’m A Better Mom for Making Mistakes

Raise your hand if you’re one of those parents who messes up on the regular. Me too. Now raise your hand if you’re one of those parents who messes up on the regular and then beats themselves up over it. Me too! As a mother who’s spent a cool decade replaying her greatest parenting misses on […]