85 Completely Rational Thoughts I Had When My Son Traveled Across the Country Without Me

Coaxing my homebody teen from his comfy boy cave often requires a hard sell. There’s usually some kind of edible bribery involved, and when there isn’t, he’s pretty much clock-watching until we get home. So when my son expressed interest in joining his class trip to the east coast, my husband and I did everything […]

The Things I Fear for My Kids Might Be What They Need Most

fears for my kids

I have four distinct fears for my sons, but if each of these fears bring enlightenment and wisdom, perhaps they’re worth letting go.

Justin Bieber’s Mom Got it Right

It’s rare that I take a page out of any celebrity’s parenting handbook. It’s not because celebrities don’t have valuable wisdom to impart, but rather, our realities are more than a little bit different. Instead of running lines with my kid on a private plane to Paris or planning their upcoming world tour, my kids […]

If It’s OK With You, I’ll Just Keep Hugging

Dear Boy Wonder, You’re 10 now and 10 is like, big. Even with my spotty memory, I remember being 10 years old. I knew that I was just a kid according to the world around me, but inside I was so much more. And so are you. You’re more than just a kid who asks […]