85 Completely Rational Thoughts I Had When My Son Traveled Across the Country Without Me


Coaxing my homebody teen from his comfy boy cave often requires a hard sell. There’s usually some kind of edible bribery involved, and when there isn’t, he’s pretty much clock-watching until we get home. So when my son expressed interest in joining his class trip to the east coast, my husband and I did everything we could to encourage his newfound wanderlust.

At last, our happy-at-home boy was ready to venture outside his comfort zone. Lord knows we’ve encouraged him. Heck, we’ve even forced him at times, so this trip and all I hoped it would inspire had me laser focused on him.

It wasn’t until he started packing that I realized something: My son was about to travel across the country without me. For six whole days. Without me. On an airplane. Without me. 2,700 miles away. WITHOUT ME! [read more…]


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