8 Truths About Motherhood You Need to Hear

shutterstock_125867666I remember my first day out without my baby as a first-time mom. At the insistence of my girlfriend, we met up for pedicures to catch up on the happenings outside Babyville. Just then, a pregnant woman walked in.

“Sucker.” I thought to myself.

Sucker. I literally thought SUCKER.

I’ll admit I wasn’t in the best mental space. My infant son had undergone emergency surgery just a few short weeks earlier. I was grappling with a debilitating fear of returning to the PICU and I wasn’t sleeping. Or really even eating. And I didn’t know it yet, but I was suffering from postpartum depression (read my story here and here). Pfft, some welcome to motherhood.

As I struggled to make sense of a motherhood that felt an awful lot like some unsavory conspiracy, crippling doubt consumed my every thought. What if my baby’s not OK? Is [insert random concern] normal? Am I doing it right? What if I mess up? Will I ever sleep again … or even smile?

Thankfully, time and treatment would eventually answer these questions, but not without the comforting wisdom of seasoned mothers. Their sage advice and life experiences silenced my insecurities in a way that doctors and parenting experts could not. When they said I could do it, I believed them. When they told me to parent on instinct, I did. Even today as I continue along the path of a Pintagramed motherhood that looks shinier, softer, and more forgiving than my reality; I continue to hold tight to the truths of the mothers before me.

In the likely event you find yourself in need of a pearl of parenting wisdom to quiet your mom soul, take a listen to the candid and comforting maternal truths of these experienced mothers and grandmothers by clicking here.

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