Princess Diana for a Day

As a little girl, I had one big dream: to becoming a nurse-princess. Sure, it hadn’t been done before, but I could have certainly been the first. I’d wear scrubs by day and gowns by night, and it all sounded rather practical until I learned that nurses have to deal with…blood. The very word made […]

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk billion dollar foundation: Is it worth it?

Let’s get real. This stuff is expensive.

Mama Life Unfiltered: Re-entry, Mother’s Day & Dirty Kids

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Mama Life Unfiltered: Mom2Summit & Real Housewives

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Don’t Ask Me What’s for Dinner

It’s 6pm. I suppose I ought to at least think about dinner. My husband, he’s not worried about dinner. He’s still at work and won’t be home for at least another hour. My kids, they aren’t worried about it either. They don’t exactly know how dinner’s going to happen, they just know it will. If […]

23 Ridiculous Things You’d Only Fight About with Family

Pencils. Three mechanical pencils have gone missing from my desk. Again. “Where are my pencils?” I howl. “Who has my pencils?!” My kids know exactly which pencils I’m talking about — Pentel Side FX 0.7s. These mechanical marvels write and erase like pure butter, and I’m completely obsessed with them. The problem is, so are […]

What Having a Special Needs Family Member Means to My Kids

My uncle is a special man and not because he has special needs or requires special care. My uncle is special because he has a heart like no other. Born with an intellectual disability, his life hasn’t always been easy. He’s been misunderstood, prematurely judged, overlooked, and disrespected. But the thing is, you’d never know […]

Our Children Were Never Ours to Keep

Life as the mom of a teenager isn’t easy. There are days when my son barely speaks; days when his laziness knows no bounds. But then there are days when he really steps up, reaches out, and gives back. While I may never understand the hows and whys of his fickle ways, I’m keenly aware […]

I’ll Always Clean Before Inviting You Over

“Your house is so clean!” visitors often tell me. They’re not wrong. When company is on the calendar, the cleaning gloves come ON. I’ll corral the random crap. I’ll vacuum and dust. I’ll scour the downstairs bathroom and clean the kitchen. I won’t do these things because I have to; I’ll do them because I want […]

If Parents Wrote Conversation Hearts

Since 1902, conversation hearts have been spreading sweet and sentimental messages of love on Valentine’s Day. Always in good taste, the mushy musings of LET’S KISS and PUPPY LOVE have made our tender hearts swoon since we were kids. But once we had kids, however, conversations of the heart began sounding a little less sugary. If […]