The 10 Commandments of Christmas Morning


If your house is anything like ours, Christmas morning is a frenzied wrap-ripping, package-destroying, gift card-losing free-for-all. Without so much as a breath or momentary pause for pictures, my kids tear through the underbelly of the Christmas tree as though winner takes all.

And every year it rubs me the wrong way.

It’s not that my kids are ungrateful or are necessarily given too much; it’s just that their unwrapping race to the finish is over faster than I can choose an Instagram filter. Think I’m kidding? Last year’s gift opening extravaganza lasted all of eight minutes including stockings! Sure, the smiles were fun, and I suppose the frenzy was at least sort of funny, but any magic to be found that Christmas morning was definitely missing.

This year, I want things to be different, so I’m gifting my family the following Christmas morning commandments to receive by:

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