15 Reasons I Can’t Get Anything Done as a Stay-At-Home Parent

Being home all day sounds like a dream come true. And it should. Pants are optional. There’s a kitchen and a DVR. Laundry need not multiply. But there’s a myth to staying home few parents ever talk about and it’s making us all crazy. When I worked full-time outside the home, I made a lot […]

I’m Afraid I Make it Look Too Easy

You know how certain months hold special meanings for people? Maybe April signifies joy for some beautiful, heartfelt reason, or August represents a weighty month of despair. As we compartmentalize our emotions within the timeline of personal wins and losses, before we know it, we’ve crafted an annual calendar synonymous with emotion. That’s what November […]

How to Get Work Done This Summer with Kids at Home

So hey there, I’m pretty excited to be over at Mom 2.0 Summit sharing my kid-tested, WAHM-approved tips for getting work done with kids at home all summer. Take a look by clicking HERE!

The Hardest Part About Being a Work-At-Home-Mom

Translation: “Hi Mom, I love you so much. I’ll love you forever. I hope you love me too. I wish you could spend more time with me.” Two years ago when I quit my full-time job outside the home, I did it because I was miserable and missed my kids. At that time, Boy Wonder, […]

My Heart Was Speaking All Along

Last fall I took a leap of faith and quit my stable, well-paying job in pursuit of two dreams. One, to become a freelance writer, and two, to stay home with my children. The decision to walk away from my job took no less than 18 months of careful planning, about a thousand prayers, a […]

10 Things I Didn’t Expect About Working From Home

Who knew working from home would feel like such “work”? Click here to read all about the 10 things that have surprised me the most, then leave a comment on the article for your chance to win a $100 American Express gift card!