We Know How She Does It: Real Moms Offer Real Advice On Working From Home

Ahh, working from home. It sounds like a dream, right? No soul-crushing commute, no meetings to discuss meetings, no ridiculous office politics. Just you, in your space, on your schedule, crushing that voodoo that you do. Imagine the flexibility! The possibility! The productivity! THE PAJAMAS. But when work at home aspirations become residential reality, we […]

The Small Parenting Change That Made the Biggest Difference

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m a bit of a multitasking marvel. I’m able to check homework, prepare dinner, and fold laundry in a single bound, my git-er-done philosophy has allowed me to beat motherhood at her own game — or so I thought.

4 Things I Learned By Quitting My Job

When you marry young, you learn pretty quickly just how important a secure job can be. It can be the difference between “I told you we could make it on our own!” and living in your parents’ converted garage. At 22, newly graduated, newly married, and broke as hell, I took a job I didn’t […]

The Hardest Part About Being a Work-At-Home-Mom

Translation: “Hi Mom, I love you so much. I’ll love you forever. I hope you love me too. I wish you could spend more time with me.” Two years ago when I quit my full-time job outside the home, I did it because I was miserable and missed my kids. At that time, Boy Wonder, […]

For My First Time Ever I Put My Family Ahead of My Career

When I left my corporate job last October to pursue a career in freelance writing, I told myself I was doing it for my family. I believed it too; spending 2½ hours a day with my kids rushing through homework, dinner, and baths hardly felt like the way motherhood was supposed to be. Once I […]

What Working Moms Want You to Know

I asked the working mama ladies for what they wanted to tell the masses. Put on your listening cap (or your reading glasses) and clicky here.


No matter how you spend your 8-5, we all want the same thing.

Day 5 of WAHMdom: Get the Hell Outta Dodge

You can visit & subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here where I already need a vacay.

Day 4 of WAHMdom: Not Getting $#@% Done

You can visit & subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here where I need to put the camera away and my fingers to work.

Day 3 of WAHMdom: Real Life Angry Birds

So day three was good, sorry about all the wind noise in the background. I don’t have a boom mic or whatever to block all that out. I snapped some pretty adorable pictures worthy of framing. Today’s lesson learned: Get outside every day, especially if you live in California because you have no excuse not […]