Day 3 of WAHMdom: Real Life Angry Birds

So day three was good, sorry about all the wind noise in the background. I don’t have a boom mic or whatever to block all that out.

I snapped some pretty adorable pictures worthy of framing.

Today’s lesson learned: Get outside every day, especially if you live in California because you have no excuse not to. Oh, and birds suck.


  1. Awesome! I totally agree – getting out of the house, even if it’s just into the yard or a walk around the block definitely works wonders. I’m loving following your WAHMdom adventure!

  2. I have SO much to catch up on here. I agree. Getting out is key. Schedule is key. Great pictures. Hope you showed that duck who’s boss. 🙂

  3. YAY!!! I’m glad you had a better day. I’m having your Day 2 today! UGH! We just have to remember that tomorrow will be better!!

    ADORABLE pictures!

  4. Love that park! Awe miss Cali & you!

  5. That video is so cute!

    Ducks are strange, aggressive creatures!

    Glad day 3 was better than day 2!

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