Day 1 of WAHMdom: A Tale of Survival and Muffins

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Free at Last

You know I quit my job like 4 weeks ago but last Friday was my last official day working for the man (note the excitement above). I was doing really well all morning. I said my goodbyes with good cheer; feeling confident and completely at peace with my decision. In typical Lori form, the moment I […]

Working Mom Tips – Advice for Moms Who Do it All

I’m a working mom, I know you already know that.  Sometimes people ask how I manage working and kids and my answer is usually “not very well” but that’s kinda a lie, I’ve got this thing down to a science by now.  So I thought I’d write an article about the work/home balance thing so next time I get […]

Everyone Needs a Break

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My Heart Hurts

[Image credit] I’ve never written about my job outside the home except to say the logistics of working motherhood are challenging, and that’s putting it mildly. About 6 months ago, Boy Wonder began struggling and I obviously internalized the reasons why; total mom thing to do.  He needed me more than ever in his life […]

Choosing a Daycare to Love

[Image credit] I’m not gonna lie, choosing a daycare can be emotional, exhausting and a royal pain in the arse. The good news is that the perfect daycare is out there, it’s just a matter of finding it. Clicky right over here for my helpful tips on finding that perfect daycare the whole family will love!

Just An Ordinary Day

[Image credit] It was a typical morning in the Mommyfriend household. The alarm sounds at 4:45 a.m., I stumble out of bed to check the computer.  Awesome, 7 spam blog comments and a solicitation for male enhancement.  Because I need that.  I make my way to the shower.  I don’t shave.  I get out and find […]