Working Mom Tips – Advice for Moms Who Do it All

I’m a working mom, I know you already know that.  Sometimes people ask how I manage working and kids and my answer is usually “not very well” but that’s kinda a lie, I’ve got this thing down to a science by now.  So I thought I’d write an article about the work/home balance thing so next time I get asked the question I can just send a link, this link.  Gee, having a blog really is so handy sometimes!

While this article primarily pertains to you mamas working outside the home for the man, let there be no misunderstanding.  My Mommy Friends who are busy raising their awesome kids and taking amazing care of their families are doing it all too – and then some.  People better recognize.


  1. mamaesq says:

    These are good tips, but I’m wondering, what does your husband do to help? It sounds like you are responsible for much of the household management in addition to your job. I’m a WAH&OHM of a five month old, and my best tip for balance is having two parents who work outside the home, and two parents who work within it!

  2. Love these tips. Not a working gal (outside the home as I work for Hubs at home) but these ideas are perfect for my Sandwich Generation life! 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the great tips. Very helpful for ALL moms!

  4. nicely done. 🙂

  5. Good advice. I am a sahm and currently going to school full time, so my plate is overfilled like many of us. Any time saving tips are sanity savers. It is so true that the morning events set the tone for the entire day. A tip that I have regarding laundry is to fold and put away the clothes as soon as it is finished in the dryer. The moment you put the clothes on the chair no one sits in in the bedroom, is the moment the clothes start to pile up!
    “Releasing the Anger”

  6. Great tips. And since I am currently working at home – thanks for the recognition. 😉

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