The Kenny and Eamon Podcast

In lieu of this week’s veelog, I wanted to share my first ever podcast on The Kenny and Eamon Podcast

Kenny and Eamon are two cool dudes I went to high school with who host a weekly comedy podcast.  When they asked me to participate, I jumped at the chance!

We talk about blogging, BlogHim (yes, I said “him”) and my nerd girl tendencies at 16 and beyond.

By the way, if the player on my site is buffering for like ever, you can click here to be redirected to their site.  If all else fails (as it so often does), you can also download this podcast (dated 7-10-11) for free on iTunes, happy day!

Hope you enjoy and happy listening!


  1. Congrats on your podcast! I listened for a little bit earlier this morning while having coffee but did not catch the entire show, What I heard was great!

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