Free at Last

You know I quit my job like 4 weeks ago but last Friday was my last official day working for the man (note the excitement above).

I was doing really well all morning. I said my goodbyes with good cheer; feeling confident and completely at peace with my decision.

In typical Lori form, the moment I exited my department and turned to shout a final “Miss me!” to my coworkers, I broke down.

I have spent 13 years with these fine people. I started this job in 1998, fresh out of college. I grew up in this organization. They knew me before I was married, before I had children and before I started this blog. My job afforded me the house I live in, the car I drive and above all, the opportunity to be respected as a professional.

As I made my way to Human Resources for my exit interview, tears streamed.  Whoa, this was really happening.

Human Resources assured me it wasn’t too late to change my mind. As awesome as that was, I wasn’t crying for fear I made the wrong decision. I was crying out of appreciation for all they have given me and the fear and excitement of what lies ahead. I was crying because I was proud of making this brave decision and knowing I was here because of the support of my amazing husband.

As I walked out the secure facility, I realized I could no longer enter without an escort. My, how strange.

I cried all the way to BooBoo’s preschool. It was time for my second round of goodbyes and this was one was going to equally gut me.

Our family had been part of this amazing preschool for 9 years between Boy Wonder and BooBoo. How do you say goodbye to family like that? You break down and cry, that’s how.

BooBoo didn’t seem too emotional about the situation, whether or not he really understood remains a mystery.

Next stop, Boy Wonder’s after school program for more goodbyes and more tears.

I was exhausted. Emotionally, physically and blindingly with big-ass poofy eyes.

So what do you do when you’re finally free at last?

I’ll tell you what I did, I went and got a flu shot. Partay!

Damn puffy eyes, just look at them! Told you I was an ugly crier.

That night we went out to celebrate my unemployment, or rather my self-employment.

Mommy Friends, I have no idea what my professional future will bring but I have Mommyfriend, BabbleYahoo! Shine and Project Marriage keep me happily fulfilled.

I don’t have to tell you that business is only a mere fraction of real personal fulfillment.  I’ve got my sights set ever so much higher.

I so hope you’ll follow my journey to WAHMdom as I attempt to teach preschool from home and become a domestic diva (seriously, stop laughing).


  1. You’re awesome! SO stink’n Proud of you. 🙂 You’re gonna be GREAT in this new season ahead – I’m SURE of it!!

    Love and lots of virtual {{{HUGS}}}!!!

  2. Could you be any more adorable, Lori? Really?
    You are far from an ugly crier, you will be a wonderful WAHM and home pre-school teacher!

    … so now its totally acceptable for me to text you at 5am your time right?

  3. good for you, woman!

  4. Congrats! I did the same thing six years ago and never looked back. Ever.

  5. I have such joy in my heart for you! Congrats again!

  6. Oh Lori I am so happy for you! It’s scary but you are doing the right thing because you followed your heart! I look forward to growing Project Marriage with you…and watching your beautiful babies grow up 🙂

  7. I’m so excited for you and your family! What a wonderful, emotion filled start to the newest chapter of your life.

    I’ve got oodles of recipes to share with you.


  8. Congrats, sweetie, on taking this exciting step! It is emotional. But I have no doubt you will love it, and do very well as a self-employed Mommy! 🙂

  9. You got me a little choked up with this post and I’ve been a SAHM since before I was a mom. Congratulations and enjoy your new adventure!!!

  10. I can so relate to your story of growing up in an organization. If I ever leave, it will be like leaving family. Respect your decision and am so excited that at least someone else will be enjoying working from home full time!

  11. I teared up with you in this post! =) So happy for you and I know you will rock whatever you put your mind to!

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