Casualties of Parenthood

Ever notice how absolutely hazardous parenting is to your physical well being?

The danger falls into two distinct categories I will examine here.



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  2. Stopping by with Friday Follow. Hope you had a fantastic week. Felissahttp://www.twolittlecavaliers.blogspot.com

  3. Me, again.No GFC? I’ll add you to my reader.

  4. You totally crack me up! Black eyes? I’m waiting for one of my boys to break my nose with the way they throw their big heads around.Found you through Friday Follow.

  5. Stopping by from Friday followers. I am also aware of the head butt and the worst part about it is how large and hard a toddler head can be. Spherically shaped wrecking balls.

  6. Happy Friday! Thank Goodness it’s almost the weekend, huh? I’m here from Friday Follow, and I’m your newest follower!I’d love if you’s check out my blog too!Thanks!Shannon

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  11. You are so right! I had actually forgotten about that throwing the head back skill!

  12. I must know— do you illustrate all of these cartoons?? They’re great!!I know all about the Head Whip– my son use to be a pro when he was younger… and my daughter -17 mo. is always falling over something because shes a climber. Infact, just today she bumped her head on the bottom step of our stair case as she was running around like a crazy woman-instant black and blue– wonderful.

  13. If I could post a photo here I would. I have several that would be appropriate for this post. Maybe the one of Ruby’s Black eye. Or perhaps one of her chipped front tooth. These things happened not because I am a horrible parent who doesn’t pay attention, but because SHE IS FEARLESS! The chipped tooth happened while she was “safely” strapped into her booster seat. I MEAN COME ON! Anyway, she is still here, and still crazy. None of her scrapes, bruises, or chips have slowed her down. They have just kept me on my toes. GREAT POST!

  14. Once again *phew…wiping tears from my eyes* you have me laughing out loud and naughtily reading your blog when I am supposed to actually be working. LOVE it! So true!!! LOVE the backwards head-whip! =)

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