Secret Clothes

C’mon, tell me about your secret clothes.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk billion dollar foundation: Is it worth it?

Let’s get real. This stuff is expensive.

12 Things I Need from My Gynecologist

A few weeks ago, I headed to the gynecologist for my annual lady tune-up. As I waited nearly 40 minutes naked (and yes, slightly afraid) in the exam room, I had plenty of time to study anatomical posters of the female reproductive system and really think about what my vagina has done.

The Shy Girl’s Guide to Boudoir Photography

Once upon a time there was a shy girl named Lori. Wearer of cover-ups always and displayer of cleavage never. Lori didn’t know where all her modesty came from, she just knew she always had it. So OK, that one Christmas her mom gifted her training bras in front of her dad may not have […]

40 Thoughts Every Wife Has Before a Romantic Weekend

Last weekend my husband and I took a mini vacation from parenthood to hit the open road like a couple of lovesick honeymooners. To say I’ve been looking forward to this grown-up getaway would be an understatement. 49 days into summer with kid sidekicks had me seriously jonesing for 48 hours of glorious silence, undisturbed slumber, […]

56 Thoughts Every Woman Has While Shopping for a Swimsuit

Remember how you couldn’t wait for summer and then it finally arrived and you remembered summer meant swimsuits … and swimsuits meant shopping … and shopping for swimsuits meant the following 56 thoughts? Good times. 1. You know what I need? A new swimsuit. 2. A cute one with support! Lots of support. 3. And […]

Confessions From a Sexless Marriage

Two months ago, I made a decision that would affect my nether regions in ways unknown: I lounged in a hot tub. I even Instagrammed it. There was no naughty business to be had; it was just me and some Bud Light Raz-ber-itas in a very hot hot tub for like, two hours. I then […]

How to Choose Your Signature Perfume

My grandma always said that a lady needs a signature scent to leave behind a memory for the senses. Read all about my personal fragrance journey and how you can find your own signature scent by clicking here.

The Long and the Short of It: What I Learned When I Cut My Hair

For as long as I could remember, my hair served as my crowning glory. Often mistaken for Heather O’Rourke (you know, the blond-haired cutie from Poltergeist), my long locks were the stuff of pure spun gold, and by golly, people noticed. “Your hair is so pretty!” strangers would stop and say. It was pretty and […]

The Dangers of Shapewear (and Why I’ll Still Wear It)

shapewear dangers

Ladies, we’ve all been there, wrapped so tight under a dress in the name of all that is sexy and smooth that we’ve wondered where our next breath might come from. Behold the glory and wonderment of shapewear – the casing we deliberately tug over our innocent bodies in an effort to earn a sleek […]