Answers to Your Most Embarrassing Waxing Questions!

Ladies, I have a confession to make: I am super hairy…as in sasquatch hairy. I *ahem* grow hair in places most women have nightmares about, and yet, I have never been professionally waxed. Why? Because I’m scared. Scared of the pain. Scared of being judged. Scared of the process. Just scared. But here’s the thing, […]

Get in Shape, Girl! What to Wear to Work Out

Y’all know I started Weight Watchers this year and lost like 8 pounds. Then I got lazy, fell off the WW wagon and gained it all back. Hey, it happens. Maybe dieting isn’t for me…or anyone…because it sucks. But you know what doesn’t suck? Feeling good. And dammit if working out doesn’t make you feel […]

12 Gifts You Should Totally Buy Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Listen girls, Valentine’s Day is upon us – ready or not, committed or not, it’s  here. Rather than look to another to solidify the wonders of love on this  special day, let’s take this opportunity to splurge on statements of love for none other than ourselves! I had the rare and amazing opportunity to interview Heather […]

6 Tips for Becoming More Photogenic INSTANTLY!

If you’ve ever known someone who couldn’t take a bad picture if they tried,  you also know that they’re usually the same person who shares pictures all over  social networking sites where they look awesome and you…well, don’t. Since camera shyness is hardly an option in today’s snap and share society,  check out these simple tricks […]

7 Things Women Want in Bed

Just about every sexist cliché will tell you that women are hard to please, both in and out of the bedroom. It’s not that women are hard to please; it’s that women know what they want. Unfortunately, not every woman feels entirely comfortable expressing her sexual desires. Some women fear judgment, others are more guarded, […]

20 Things You Should Never Say in Bed

In a quick and dirty poll of my girlfriends, I learned about half of them enjoyed a talking dirty in bed while the other half preferred to let their bodies do the talking. When it comes to verbal communication between the sheets, there’s a distinct difference between dirty talk and phrases that should never, ever […]

41 Percent of Women Would Insist on a Prenup and More Stats on Today’s Modern Gal

A couple of days ago I shared highlights from’s “Great Male Survey” where we learned all kinds of fascinating man stats, like how over half of men supposedly know when we’re faking it in bed. But didn’t stop there, they teamed up with TrèsSugar to conduct “The Great Female Survey” to reveal the […]

Everything You Ever (and Never) Wanted to Know About Kissing

While it’s likely the most open mouth action you get anymore is from your slobbery toddler, it doesn’t have to be that way. What are you waiting for? Grab your partner and kiss like you mean it! (Then check out these fun facts about kissing!)

Quick, Ladies! Have All the Sex You Can Before Age 29!

A new study suggests if you’re 29 or older, it’s time to pack up your G-string. Read all about why this is crap right here.

Majority of Women Would Give Up Sex for What?

A recent survey conducted by FitSugar and SHAPE Magazine found that the majority of women would give up sex for this.