10 Reasons Sex is Good for Your Health

Sex does a body good and might just cure what ails ya. Check 10 surprising health benefits of sex here.

The State of Sex in America

What percentage of women are jonesing for sex more often? “I love you” was enough to make what percentage of ladies feel their sexy best? How often are singles knockin’ boots compared to married and unmarried cohabitants? The quickest way to get from Point Not Having Sex to Point Having Sex is what? What percentage of people fantasize about a friend’s spouse? I have […]

A “50 Shades”-Inspired Workshop: Yep, There is Such a Thing

I did it. I devoured the 50 Shades trilogy in record time. I did because all the cool kids were doing it and even though I hated the writing, it wasn’t enough to stop me. I read it for the sex. The naughty, naughty sex between one Anastasia Steele and Mr. Christian Grey. I’m not […]

I Hired an Online Babysitter in the Hopes of Bringing Sexy Back

I was certain before I gave birth that having a baby wouldn’t slow my marriage down. We’d be as romantic and wildly spontaneous as we ever were as a result of combining our DNA. Boy, I was so wrong. In the near decade we’ve been parents, we’ve never once hired a babysitter…[read more]

The 20 Secrets All Women Keep

Ladies, forgive me as I spill the beans on the weirdly awesome goings on inside the brain of a woman. I have my reasons. I recently read 5 Secrets From the Man Vault from MSN Living which I found to be equal parts disturbing and fascinating. When I shoved the article under my husband’s nose, […]

The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Comfortable Style

Ever since I became a work-at-home mom I sort of bailed on myself. As a woman who once began her commute in full corporate attire, styled hair, and perfect makeup at 6 a.m. daily, I morphed into the woman who could barely remember to shower…[read more]

The Top 20 Excuses Women Use to Get Out of Sex

Research went into this one Mommy Friends. Check out the 20 Ways to Snub Your Lover and tell me, can you relate?

You Can’t Handle the Sexy

A play-by-play story of our night without kids. Ooo la la!

My Glitter

Today I found myself majorly stressed out about my annual pap appointment. Scratch that, I’ve been stressed out since I made the appointment 8 days ago and the fact that I haven’t had a female exam in over 2 years. For shame. I don’t know what it is about the gyno that has me all stressed […]

My Body is a Motherland

I have a toddler and I still haven’t lost the baby weight. Can you relate? Tell me all about it here!