The Skinny Bitch Diaries: Week 3

BOO-YAH! That’s what I’m talking about right there! Week 3 and I’m down 2 more pounds! Thank God because after last week’s 1 pound weight loss I was pretty pissed at my fat cells. Look! I even got a blingy gold star at the bottom of the chart for my total weight loss of 5 pounds so […]

The Skinny Bitch Diaries: Week 1

This handy dandy chart right here is a fancy way of showing you that I lost 2 lbs. on Weight Watchers last week. WW is so cool with all these charts and graphs! I know real and lasting weight loss is supposed to happen slowly but when you’ve given up dairy almost completely and cheese […]

My Body is a Motherland

I have a toddler and I still haven’t lost the baby weight. Can you relate? Tell me all about it here!