Me Time: We Can’t Wait For an Invitation

See this invitation to take care of yourself? Yeah, that’s never actually coming. Take what needs taking Mommy Friend! Click here to find out why you simply must.

The Skinny Bitch Diaries: Week 1

This handy dandy chart right here is a fancy way of showing you that I lost 2 lbs. on Weight Watchers last week. WW is so cool with all these charts and graphs! I know real and lasting weight loss is supposed to happen slowly but when you’ve given up dairy almost completely and cheese […]

I Fell Off the Skinny Bitch Wagon

I come clean here and talk about getting back on track.

Getting Healthy For the Right Reasons

My skinny bitch post might make it sound like I’m all about losing weight for vanity’s sake. While that’s certainly part of it, it’s not the whole story. I’m really trying for a whole body wellness thing in 2012. If you’re up a healthier you, have you asked yourself if you’re getting healthy for the right […]

Move it Sister: Tips to Get Moving From a Former Couch Potato

Skinny Bitches, we can do this…even with chips in our mouths. Check out my motivational tips here because I’m not an expert and this post was more about convincing myself to move than convincing anyone else.

My First Physical in 9 Years

Um, yikes! I went to the doc and was diagnosed. Click here to read all about it.