56 Thoughts Every Woman Has While Shopping for a Swimsuit


Remember how you couldn’t wait for summer and then it finally arrived and you remembered summer meant swimsuits … and swimsuits meant shopping … and shopping for swimsuits meant the following 56 thoughts? Good times.

1. You know what I need? A new swimsuit.

2. A cute one with support! Lots of support.

3. And maybe a top with two different cup sizes. Do they make those? Because they really should.

4. Ooo! Look at all the pretty colors and prints!

5. Maybe I’m feeling a little adventurous!

6. OK, not that adventurous.

7. Wow, that’s tiny. And so is that. And so are all of these.

8. What’s with all this butt ruching?

9. Am I in the junior’s section?

10. “Slimming panels” my ass. Ugh, my ass.

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  1. Love this!!

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