How to Fight on a Family Vacation

road tripHi there, savvy travelers! Remember me? I’m the one who shared all those do’s and don’ts of family vacations just last week. The one who thought she had it allllllllll figured out. Well, I’m also the one who just got back from a 4-day 1,100 mile Las Vegas/Grand Canyon/Sedona road-trip adventure with my husband and two kids … in a Prius.

Let me tell you, I have road stories to tell. Stories of high highs and low lows. Stories of laughter and tears. Stories of amazement and misunderstandings … which resulted in arguing … lots and lots of arguing.

Maybe it was being in a small car for too long. Maybe it was too much togetherness, or great expectations, or spending most of our vacation boiling under the heat of the sun. Whatever it was, we were a moody bunch who bickered too much and perhaps relaxed too little.

While I hope our trip’s great memories (yes, we had a few!) will one day transform the not-so-great ones into laughable anecdotes, there’s no denying the following 25 ways to bring conflict to your family vacation.

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