36 Things No One Tells You About Parenting an Almost-Teenage Boy

IMG_0277-2When my eldest son made me a mom, I had no idea what I was doing. I’d never diapered a baby before, or fed one, or really even held one for any notable length of time.

Having a baby and not a clue was scary. I spent a lot of time researching and worrying, wondering and hoping, but through the chaos of new motherhood, we managed. I found parenting books and online resources to guide me. I connected with mothers who were candid about their successes and struggles. And even though I felt lost at times, I took great comfort in knowing that information and support were as close as my bookshelf or computer.

Now that I’m the mom of an almost-teenager, the answers aren’t as easy to come by. I’m not sure whether it was the rules or the game that suddenly changed, but everything’s somehow different.

So here I am to try and provide some guidance. When it comes to parenting an almost-teenage boy, you deserve to know these silly and serious truths.


  1. mominthefrontseat says:

    Reblogged this on Life in the Front Seat and commented:
    This is exactly how I feel about my growing boys!

  2. mominthefrontseat says:

    This is so true! Thank you for putting in words the feelings in my heart for my sons!

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