23 Ridiculous Things You’d Only Fight About with Family

Pencils. Three mechanical pencils have gone missing from my desk. Again. “Where are my pencils?” I howl. “Who has my pencils?!” My kids know exactly which pencils I’m talking about — Pentel Side FX 0.7s. These mechanical marvels write and erase like pure butter, and I’m completely obsessed with them. The problem is, so are […]

What Having a Special Needs Family Member Means to My Kids

My uncle is a special man and not because he has special needs or requires special care. My uncle is special because he has a heart like no other. Born with an intellectual disability, his life hasn’t always been easy. He’s been misunderstood, prematurely judged, overlooked, and disrespected. But the thing is, you’d never know […]

How to Fight on a Family Vacation

Hi there, savvy travelers! Remember me? I’m the one who shared all those do’s and don’ts of family vacations just last week. The one who thought she had it allllllllll figured out. Well, I’m also the one who just got back from a 4-day 1,100 mile Las Vegas/Grand Canyon/Sedona road-trip adventure with my husband and two kids … […]

The Gift of Extended Family

I grew up with a small family with extended members residing in the midwest and eastern states. My immediate family was all I knew, and while we were small in number, we had each other and it was good. When I married my husband and inherited an extended family of epic proportions, I had no […]

Round 2! I Knew I Became My Mother When…

I am my mother’s daughter in every way. Your responses last week to the question, “I knew I became my mother when…” were so great, I gathered ’em up for a round 2! Click here to read all about how your fellow mothers knew they became their mother and add your own!

Grown Up Stuff You Need to Do

Nope, I’m not your boss or your mama – I just want the best for you and yours. Click here to find out all the grown up ways to protect you and your gorgeous family.  

13 Things That Don’t Make You a Bad Parent

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Reader’s Share Their Badass Parenting Decisions

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Fabulous Fall Activities for the Whole Family!

I bet you’re just like me, you think a crisp fall day with your family is priceless! I’ve rounded up my favorite fabulous fall activities to enjoy with my family. What are yours? Tell me here!

19 Reasons Why Dads Rule

Moms matter, this we know – but Dads, not only do they matter – they totally rule! Check out 19 Reasons Why Dad’s Rule, this slideshow was just a sneaky peek.