The Readers Respond: Weird Things My Kid Collects

Kids are weird. Don’t misunderstand, I mean that in the nicest possible way. Between you and me, I think kids are so wonderfully weird because they haven’t quite realized that people are watching them. The general public will forgive and even celebrate weird kid behavior because it’s awesome, and perhaps even more than being awesome, […]

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Kids Are the Ultimate Excuse

I (barely) remember being childless. What I do remember is being expected to work late nights, put in weekends, help people move and attend every wedding, shower, birthday party and get together…even for those I barely met one time. The truth was I had a really hard time saying no. I grew bitter and selfish with my […]

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Four-ever My Baby

BooBoo turned 4 today! My once little lovebug is now a rough and tumble PreK kid ready to take on the world. No matter how big you get BooBoo, I’ll always remember you like this: Happy Birthday my sweet boy.  I love you.

Fear Factor

For me, parenting involves a fair amount of paranoia. My kids are so lucky. [Image Credit] I’m afraid of convenience stores. I’m pretty sure if I step foot in one something bad like a hostage situation is going to go down. Sorry kiddies, no stopping for Hot Cheetos and Slurpees on the way to Vegas, I love […]