I Didn’t Need You to Take Care of Me After My Miscarriage, I Needed to Take Care of Myself

A friend of mine just suffered a miscarriage. I stopped by with milk and cookies for the sole purpose of holding her hand. I told her I was sorry. I cried alongside her. And then I sat there, clenching her hand in silence for nearly an hour. Deep in the quiet, my heart wanted to […]

14 Women Share the First Time They Were Shamed as a Mother

The moment my pregnancy test came back positive, I felt uncharacteristically ready. Joining the ranks of strong women who’d brought new life into the world had been a dream of mine. Sharing in the responsibility of raising the next generation felt significant. So when it came to learning everything I could about motherhood, I was […]

Is Running Out of Time Any Reason to Have a Baby?

So a lot has happened to make me feel, *ahem* older lately. I had a birthday. My son turned 12. I celebrated my 20-year high school reunion. And while any one of these things is enough to make you wonder whether you’ve done Oprah proud, one big question continues to nag at my consciousness: should […]

What Am I Supposed to Do With These Empty Arms?

Babies. Everyone around me is having babies. In just the last six months, two of my very best girlfriends gave birth to beautiful, beautiful babies. And right about now, I thought I’d be holding one of my own. As I approach the June 6th due date of my chemical pregnancy, I find myself wondering more […]

Baby Names for Every Season

When it comes to choosing a baby name, not just any name will do. You want a name that means something special, with a unique power and purpose all its own. And because there’s no greater force than that of nature, I rounded up my favorite baby names inspired by the seasons; take a look!

Baby Names Inspired by Classic Literature

While many expecting parents choose a baby name from a baby name book, book lovers have been known to choose the name of a beloved literary character. Take a look at our top baby names inspired by classic literature: Girl names inspired by classic literature Charlotte: The wise, beloved spider of E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. […]

5 Reasons to Keep Your Unborn Baby’s Name a Secret

If you thought choosing a name for your unborn baby was the hard part, it’s only because you haven’t been on the receiving end of the disapproving reactions associated with a less than loved baby name selection. As the mother of two sons, I made the mistake of revealing both of my son’s names prior […]

10 Gifts to Never Take to a Baby Shower

You were invited to a baby shower and want to give the perfect gift. Where do you begin? Well, the baby registry is always a great place to start, but if you’re looking to break away from the registry and venture out on your own, you might want to take special care not to give […]

5 Reasons I Hated Playgroup

I’m a mother with two kids who has only ever attended three playgroup sessions in her 11 years as a parent. While the idea of meeting up with fellow parents of same-aged children always seemed like a great idea, the reality left me dodging play date invitations at every possible opportunity. Take a look at […]

5 Ways to Really Help a New Mom

There’s perhaps nothing more exciting than the birth of a new baby. From those itty bitty toes to that sweet baby smell, the precious newness of a brand-new baby is nothing short of intoxicating…but that’s easy for us to say, we slept through the night! While a new mom undoubtedly shares in the immense joy […]