Is Running Out of Time Any Reason to Have a Baby?

So a lot has happened to make me feel, *ahem* older lately. I had a birthday. My son turned 12. I celebrated my 20-year high school reunion. And while any one of these things is enough to make you wonder whether you’ve done Oprah proud, one big question continues to nag at my consciousness: should […]

Maybe Baby: On Deciding Whether to Try Again After a Miscarriage

A little over a week ago, I helped host a baby shower for a dear friend. I was happy to do it. As her bestie it’s my honor and privilege to stand by her side in celebration of beautiful life moments such as these. Her shower turned more beautiful and perfect than I could have […]

Trying Again: My Personal Story

  Last week things got kinda heavy on this normally light-hearted blog when I shared my pregnancy journal of the baby I lost at 9 weeks.  Back when I was struggling with my loss I remember wishing more had been written about the anxiety and mixed emotions involved with deciding to try again.  I wish I could offer more to the Mommy Friend facing such […]