Best Advice for New Moms from a Mother Who’s Been There

New motherhood isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest, most frightening, most rewarding jobs you’ll ever sign up for. From the moment you first begin to sport that itty bitty baby bump, people are quick to offer parenting advice – some of it good, some of it bad, some of it interesting, and […]

15 Pricey Baby Items You Can Definitely Do Without

It’s hard to separate baby necessity fact from fiction as a new mom. You want to do it all and you want to do it right, but wading through baby registry checklists and intense baby marketing ploys are enough to strike serious panic into your heart (and your bank account). The good news is that […]

5 Reasons Every Pregnancy Deserves a Baby Shower

Traditionally, baby showers were hosted by mothers for first-time mothers to “shower” her with valuable maternal information and necessary items to transition to motherhood. Since then, the baby shower tradition has evolved from one of education to all out celebration. From co-ed baby showers to showers for dad, grandma, and more, no rules seem to […]

10 Hot Retailers Offering Maternity Fashion for Less

Pregnancy is a time of wonder, excitement, and of course, new clothes! And while it’s never been more fashionable or fun to style your bump than it is right now, we know you’re a savvy mom-to-be looking for hot clothes and even hotter prices. Take a look at the top 10 retailers for stylish maternity […]

Maybe Baby: On Deciding Whether to Try Again After a Miscarriage

A little over a week ago, I helped host a baby shower for a dear friend. I was happy to do it. As her bestie it’s my honor and privilege to stand by her side in celebration of beautiful life moments such as these. Her shower turned more beautiful and perfect than I could have […]

On Telling My Kids that I’m No Longer Pregnant

You might not know that just a week ago Monday I learned I was pregnant. I got excited. I told select people. Grandparents knew, close friends knew, and worst of all, my kids knew. Should I have waited more than a millisecond to tell my kids I was pregnant? Probably, but the joy, you guys. […]

I Don’t Know How to Write This Post

Monday I found out I was pregnant and yesterday I learned I am no longer. It’s been an exhausting week so for now I’ll just leave it at that. Thank you for all of your prayers; you have no idea how much they’ve meant. Xo, L

10 Things Every New Mother Wishes She Could Say Out Loud

It’s not often that I write a piece that has me snort-laughing at my own computer screen, but this piece written for Mom.Me had me doing just that. If you’re a new mom or remember being a new mom, I think you’ll appreciate snarky Mommyfriend coming out to play. Man, that chick is devilish…

16 Things New Parents Deserve to Know

Parenting is awesome. And frightening. And wonderful. And hard. Whenever a couple announces their first pregnancy, I’m filled with glee and yes, a hint of sympathy. If they only knew how much life was about to change. If they only knew how much they were about to be challenged. If they only knew how much […]

8 Reasons Not to Have Another Baby

When I mentioned I contracted baby fever, no one was more surprised than me. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true. No less than 30 seconds after I published that post my phone exploded with text messages. Here’s just a sampling.