Crap, I Gots the Baby Fever

Over the last week, something inside me shifted. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m turning 36 this year, maybe it’s the whole…[read more]

Let’s Get it Started!


Kids Are the Ultimate Excuse

I (barely) remember being childless. What I do remember is being expected to work late nights, put in weekends, help people move and attend every wedding, shower, birthday party and get together…even for those I barely met one time. The truth was I had a really hard time saying no. I grew bitter and selfish with my […]

A Tongue and Cheek Approach to Pregnancy

I found pregnancy to be pretty damn scary. Between puking in the #2 lane of the I-210 during morning rush hour, growing a Selleck ‘stash and peeing on the bathroom floor – my body was doing all sorts of crazy things without my permission. I reached out to all you fabulous Mommy Friends on Facebook about your […]

I Promise You (Probably) Won’t Break Your Baby

To all my brand spankin’ new Mommy Friends out there (especially you Jilly Willy), this post is for you. I so hope you’ll honor me with a read because (not to be dramatic or anything) I poured my heart into every word. Some people want to buy the world a Coke, I want to give every new mom a hug. Tight.

Rockin’ the Bump

Have you joined Rockin’ the Bump at Things I Can’t Say? All the cool Mommy Friends are doing it.  I’m a little late to the party, the linky closes tomorrow night, eeks…but better late than never! Here I am with behbey numero uno. Pregnancy pics from Boy Wonder are hard to come by, they are all shoved […]

Say This, Not That: Conversations with an Expectant Mother

Why, oh why are some people so stupid around pregnant women?  It’s like they forgot how to be decent or even courteous to a woman who is busy growing a tiny human.  Tell me, what was the rudest thing said to you while pregnant? I wrote a simple guide for conversing with an expectant mother, […]

Forever Part of Me

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The Unnatural Art of Breastfeeding

  When it comes to breastfeeding, we all start out with the same thought:  I’m a woman.  I have boobies.  How hard could it be? Enter the irony of breastfeeding.  It seems like breastfeeding should be all so very natural and instinctual and yet it just isn’t.  Breastfeeding takes practice and support and lots and lots of […]

I’m Not Pregnant

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