My Dog Filled the Baby Void

Not long ago, I wrote that my heart will never be done having babies because the truth is, with every inch grown and skill mastered that brings my kids one step closer to independence, I ache a little. Or actually, a lot. I suppose it’s to be expected. Motherhood is, after all, a front-loaded gig. From the […]

Can Someone Else’s Baby Make You Pregnant?

If you read the title and you’re scratching your head, allow me to explain. Last week I had the pleasure of babysitting a 6-month-old baby girl who I will affectionately refer to as “Baby Girl.” (Clever, no?) Baby Girl and I made fast friends as her 6-year-old big brother and BooBoo were classmates last year. […]

7 Things Women Who Are a Little Bit Done Having Babies Do

Not that you need to know (or particularly care) about my gynecological haps, but I need to have my IUD replaced next month, or not. Either way, I have to place my feel in the cold, cold stirrups, scoot my business waaaaay down on the edge of the exam table and allow a licensed professional […]

8 Reasons Not to Have Another Baby

When I mentioned I contracted baby fever, no one was more surprised than me. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true. No less than 30 seconds after I published that post my phone exploded with text messages. Here’s just a sampling.

Crap, I Gots the Baby Fever

Over the last week, something inside me shifted. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m turning 36 this year, maybe it’s the whole…[read more]

I’m Not Pregnant

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