7 Things Women Who Are a Little Bit Done Having Babies Do

Not that you need to know (or particularly care) about my gynecological haps, but I need to have my IUD replaced next month, or not. Either way, I have to place my feel in the cold, cold stirrups, scoot my business waaaaay down on the edge of the exam table and allow a licensed professional to clear out the cobwebs and remove my 5 year old IUD. It will be then that he/she (hopefully she), will insert another IUD…or not.

I have baby fever for some supremely selfish reasons. I probably shouldn’t have a baby. I’m getting old. I’m tired. My eggs are tired. My youngest just turned 5. Logic has told me my baby making days are over but every time I see a chubby little baby girl wearing tights, bows, or sparkles, I have to resist the very real temptation to scoop up said adorable stranger child and smother her with stranger kisses. Disturbing? Yes. Outside the realm of possibility? Not so much.

Anyway, I’m telling myself I’m done creating small people for this earth but it hasn’t stopped me from engaging in the following behaviors that are freaking even me out, check ‘em out right here (and hide your babies)!

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