A Tongue and Cheek Approach to Pregnancy

I found pregnancy to be pretty damn scary.

Between puking in the #2 lane of the I-210 during morning rush hour, growing a Selleck ‘stash and peeing on the bathroom floor – my body was doing all sorts of crazy things without my permission.

I reached out to all you fabulous Mommy Friends on Facebook about your pregnancy fears and you gave me so much good stuff to work with – some of those freaky pregnancy fears I had all but forgotten about so thank you!

Whether you’re pregnant or not, I hope you’ll check out my piece, Worry Free Pregnancy because it was super fun to write and I promise, even funner to read.


  1. I’m trying to leave a comment on your other post, not working for some reason. Anyway, you look SO cute pregnant! Love that picture!
    And about your other post, wow, are you serious? I can’t believe people think that is so bad. My son has a tv in his room too and it’s been awesome. He watches a little movie every night before bed and it really helps him wind down. I love it!

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