15 Pricey Baby Items You Can Definitely Do Without


It’s hard to separate baby necessity fact from fiction as a new mom. You want to do it all and you want to do it right, but wading through baby registry checklists and intense baby marketing ploys are enough to strike serious panic into your heart (and your bank account).

The good news is that your precious baby doesn’t actually need as much as you think. Let’s take a look at 15 pricey items you and your baby can absolutely do without.

Wipe warmer: Sure, baby probably prefers a warm wipe to a cold one, seeing as though they’re not of fan of the whole diaper change process anyway; you can go ahead and skip this luxury item.

Baby shoes: We get it. Itty bitty baby shoes are just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, but mega cute baby shoes don’t come cheap. Buy a few pairs if you simply can’t resist, but understand that your baby won’t get much use out of them.

Frilly outfits: Mini designer duds may be swoon-worthy, but when it comes to dressing baby, practicality is key. Feel free to invest in a few frilly must-haves for holidays and photo sessions, but stick comfortable basics for everyday.

Sterling silver baby rattles: We know how special keepsakes of your baby’s life are, but instead of splurging on that engraved silver baby rattle, save a few beloved items favored by your baby.

Fancy stroller: Fancy strollers may be the calling card of the rich and famous, but all you need is a functional, comfortable ride for both you and your baby that fits into your car with ease. Skip the Rolls Royce of strollers and go with a durable stroller at a fair price.

Baby toys: All those baby toys, while precious, will likely go unused. You’ll buy them, encourage play, and your child will have more fun playing with the packaging, your cell phone, and your car keys.

Baby videos: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding television and media entertainment for children under 2. Ditch the videos and focus on engaging in interactive play, story time, and new experiences instead.

Baby books: You set out with the intention of recording a complete book of life memories to commemorate your baby’s first years. Save yourself the stress of it all and refer back to your Facebook feed for all baby’s firsts!

Bottle warmer: In theory, bottle warmers seem like a stellar idea, but not only are they unnecessary, they take up valuable counter space.

Fancy diaper bag: It’s hard to go from a designer handbag to diaper bag, but resist the urge shell out big bucks for a fancy designer diaper bag. Knowing your diaper bag will become a catch all for soiled baby clothes, dirty diapers, spilled bottles, sippys and more, opt for function and durability over high style.

Designer crib bedding: We know there’s nothing more delicious than luxurious designer baby bedding, but kids grow up fast. Your sweet baby will be transitioning from crib to bed before you know it. And don’t even get us started on the amount of bodily fluids that bedding will see during their short crib stay. We recommend going with a more affordable, practical option and splurging on expensive bedding for yourself instead!

Light/sound soothers: Does your baby really need that fancy light show device and white noise maker? Nope. You are far more entertaining and soothing.

Skin-to-skin shirt: There’s no question that infants love skin-to-skin contact, but you can clock in plenty of skin time without investing in expensive babywearing clothes.

Baby bathrobes: Who doesn’t love a fresh baby in a fluffy terry robe? But remember, your baby doesn’t actually need it. In fact, your baby will only be wearing the robe from the time it takes to transition from the towel to the diaper and lotion and finally, the pajamas.

Bottle sterilizer: A good hearty scrub and rinse in hot water are all you need to get those bottles, pacifiers, and sippy cups squeaky clean and ready for use.

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