7 Things Parents Wish They Could Tell Their Childfree Friends

I find it nearly impossible to imagine my life without kids. I suppose that’s a good thing, being that my kids are here to stay and all, but what’s strange is that barely remember my life before kids. I mean, it wasn’t as if I born a mother. By the time I welcomed my first […]

Can We All Just Agree to Stop Celebrating Celebrity Parents Who Actually Parent?

My Fellow Public, Rarely am I the pusher of edict, decree or proclamation, but I have one particular pet peeve involving our collective response to celebrities. Before I get into it, it’s only fair to disclose my personal obsession with celebrity news. Lest you doubt my devotion to celebrity happenings, you should know I’ve been […]

16 Things New Parents Deserve to Know

Parenting is awesome. And frightening. And wonderful. And hard. Whenever a couple announces their first pregnancy, I’m filled with glee and yes, a hint of sympathy. If they only knew how much life was about to change. If they only knew how much they were about to be challenged. If they only knew how much […]

11 Movie Metaphors for Parenting

I love movies. I love parenting. I LOVED writing this post. Side note: I love this chick’s bangs.