7 Things Parents Wish They Could Tell Their Childfree Friends


I find it nearly impossible to imagine my life without kids. I suppose that’s a good thing, being that my kids are here to stay and all, but what’s strange is that barely remember my life before kids. I mean, it wasn’t as if I born a mother. By the time I welcomed my first son, I’d been working in a professional career for a while and been married for four years. By all accounts, I was living a happy and fulfilling childfree life.

I suppose my fuzzy childfree memory just goes to show how much parenthood changes everything. From the places we live, to the cars we drive, the vacations we take, and our definition of “fun” on a Saturday night, parenthood somehow manages to put its defining stamp on everything.

For every childfree person out there weighing the pros and cons of parenthood, there are 7 things that we parents wish we could tell you.

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