What Am I Supposed to Do With These Empty Arms?

Babies. Everyone around me is having babies. In just the last six months, two of my very best girlfriends gave birth to beautiful, beautiful babies. And right about now, I thought I’d be holding one of my own. As I approach the June 6th due date of my chemical pregnancy, I find myself wondering more […]

On Telling My Kids that I’m No Longer Pregnant

You might not know that just a week ago Monday I learned I was pregnant. I got excited. I told select people. Grandparents knew, close friends knew, and worst of all, my kids knew. Should I have waited more than a millisecond to tell my kids I was pregnant? Probably, but the joy, you guys. […]

I Don’t Know How to Write This Post

Monday I found out I was pregnant and yesterday I learned I am no longer. It’s been an exhausting week so for now I’ll just leave it at that. Thank you for all of your prayers; you have no idea how much they’ve meant. Xo, L