How to Fight on a Family Vacation

Hi there, savvy travelers! Remember me? I’m the one who shared all those do’s and don’ts of family vacations just last week. The one who thought she had it allllllllll figured out. Well, I’m also the one who just got back from a 4-day 1,100 mile Las Vegas/Grand Canyon/Sedona road-trip adventure with my husband and two kids … […]

Road Rules, Family Style

Spring break Baby!  Oh heck yeah!  [Record scratch]  Sorry, I thought it was 1997 for a second.  Tequila, fist pumping and bad decisions aside, the Mommyfriend Family likes to bust out on our spring break and road trip it, family style. Drive on over here for my 5 must haves for family road fun! Safe travels Mommy Friends!