23 Ridiculous Things You’d Only Fight About with Family

Pencils. Three mechanical pencils have gone missing from my desk. Again. “Where are my pencils?” I howl. “Who has my pencils?!” My kids know exactly which pencils I’m talking about — Pentel Side FX 0.7s. These mechanical marvels write and erase like pure butter, and I’m completely obsessed with them. The problem is, so are […]

12 Things You Learn By the Time You’ve Been Married 16 Years

When I tied the knot at 22, I was pretty sure I knew what marriage was all about. I mean, I loved him, he loved me, and really, how hard could marriage possibly be? As it turns out, pretty damn hard sometimes. But my naïveté wasn’t even the biggest surprise. Here are 12 things you […]

6 Reasons I Don’t Wear My Wedding Ring

“Where’s your wedding ring?” my girlfriend asked as we compared thrashed mom-icures, “Don’t tell me you lost it!” “I didn’t lose it, I just never wear it,” I explained, “I guess I just don’t care about it that much.” “Don’t care about it that much? That’s your wedding ring! It’s sacred! I never take mine […]

Confessions From a Sexless Marriage

Two months ago, I made a decision that would affect my nether regions in ways unknown: I lounged in a hot tub. I even Instagrammed it. There was no naughty business to be had; it was just me and some Bud Light Raz-ber-itas in a very hot hot tub for like, two hours. I then […]

4 Fairy Tale Myths You Need to Let Go of Right Now!

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve spent most of your romantic life trying to reconcile love’s myth vs. reality. Check out 4 of the most dangerous romantic myths we grapple with along with healthier alternatives to consider.

It’s my “Eh”-niversary

13 years of marriage and all he gets is this lousy blog post.

10 Years of Lucky

Big Daddy P are coming up on 13 years this November but I wanted to share an anniversary video I pulled together a few years back in honor of our 10 years. It’s pretty cute even though you’re undoubtedly super tired of both songs by now.

Project Marriage Has a Home!

Yeah Baby, Project Marriage now has its very own website! loveprojectmarriage.com Tina and I are so proud to be partnering up with Melissa of Married My Sugar Daddy to take Project Marriage to the next level! Our new site has plenty for everyone, including monthly challenges, fun polls, a tip of the week, advice and of course, […]

September Project Marriage Challenge: Then & Now

Mommy Friends, we at Project Marriage know school is back in session and sports are starting. Are things way busy right now or is it just us? Tina and I decided to change things a bit this month to try to keep participation simple and super fun. We are challenging our fabulous Project Marriage participants (that’s you) to post an old picture of yourself with […]

August Project Marriage Challenge: In the Bedroom

Congratulations Teresa Kander!  You are the lucky winner of August’s Project Marriage Challenge!  This giveaway is now closed, thank you all for participating! Life Without Pink and I want to personally welcome you to August’s Project Marriage monthly challenge! This month’s Project Marriage challenge is titled, “In the Bedroom“.  Ooo, I know that sounds salacious but this […]