10 Years of Lucky

Big Daddy P are coming up on 13 years this November but I wanted to share an anniversary video I pulled together a few years back in honor of our 10 years. It’s pretty cute even though you’re undoubtedly super tired of both songs by now.

Project Marriage Has a Home!

Yeah Baby, Project Marriage now has its very own website! loveprojectmarriage.com Tina and I are so proud to be partnering up with Melissa of Married My Sugar Daddy to take Project Marriage to the next level! Our new site has plenty for everyone, including monthly challenges, fun polls, a tip of the week, advice and of course, […]

September Project Marriage Challenge: Then & Now

Mommy Friends, we at Project Marriage know school is back in session and sports are starting. Are things way busy right now or is it just us? Tina and I decided to change things a bit this month to try to keep participation simple and super fun. We are challenging our fabulous Project Marriage participants (that’s you) to post an old picture of yourself with […]

I Really Love My Husband

OK, don’t gag when I tell you this…I really love my husband. I do.  My eyeballs are totally doing that cartoon beating heart thing as I type this. The day I met Big Daddy P (aka “Peaches” back then), sparks really flew for me.  I wrote about that lightning bolt of love thing once before, you […]

Romance is Where You Find It

Happy Valentine’s Day! (This vlog has really awful audio and weird aspect ratio, my apologies…but I’m wearing a big red bow so that more than makes up for it.) Be mine and subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here!                            Wishing you love, chocolate and lots of tender moments XOXO!                      

Sweet November

This Sunday is my 12 year wedding anniversary, and to think it all began with a little kiss (and a scrunchie around my wrist). Aww, look at us, a couple of carefree kids crazy in love.  We didn’t know how to be grown-ups, we didn’t know how to be parents, we didn’t know where life would take us.  […]

These are the Moments

“You don’t choose your family.  They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them”  ~Desmond Tutu “And thank you for a house full of people I love.  Amen.” ~Terri Guillemets