4 Fairy Tale Myths You Need to Let Go of Right Now!

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve spent most of your romantic life trying to reconcile love’s myth vs. reality. Check out 4 of the most dangerous romantic myths we grapple with along with healthier alternatives to consider.

September Project Marriage Challenge: Then & Now

Mommy Friends, we at Project Marriage know school is back in session and sports are starting. Are things way busy right now or is it just us? Tina and I decided to change things a bit this month to try to keep participation simple and super fun. We are challenging our fabulous Project Marriage participants (that’s you) to post an old picture of yourself with […]

Romance is Where You Find It

Happy Valentine’s Day! (This vlog has really awful audio and weird aspect ratio, my apologies…but I’m wearing a big red bow so that more than makes up for it.) Be mine and subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here!                            Wishing you love, chocolate and lots of tender moments XOXO!                      

My Doggone Awkward Marriage Proposal

What do a cartoon dog, a blank greeting card and Valentine’s Day have in common? My awkward marriage proposal, of course. On Valentine’s Day 1998, my boyfriend gave me a card with a cartoon dog on it. This just wasn’t just any cartoon dog, oh no, it was a cartoon dog dressed in a tuxedo […]