September Project Marriage Challenge: Then & Now

Mommy Friends, we at Project Marriage know school is back in session and sports are starting. Are things way busy right now or is it just us?

Tina and I decided to change things a bit this month to try to keep participation simple and super fun.

We are challenging our fabulous Project Marriage participants (that’s you) to post an old picture of yourself with your spouse from the beginning of your relationship and then post another one of you both now!

Feel free to add a few fun comments or facts about your relationship so we can get to learn more about you crazy kids and see how all the years of love have treated you!

This month, there is no prize – just the glory of love Baby and hey, love is all you need (but we know prizes are fun too).

You may have noticed there’s no linky, that’s because we want you to post directly to our Project Marriage Facebook Wall September 1st – 31st!  I mean, we have a wall, let’s decorate it with all your gorgeous posts and pics!

Here are mine…

THEN: The way we were

NOW: The way we sometimes are 

A few facts (OK, links) about us:

Big Daddy P gave me the worst proposal ever. No really. Ever. But the ring was nice.

We met right after high school at a coffee shop. I was 17.

I think we’re done having kids even though we make cute ones.

I like my men like I like my coffee, dark and sweet.

 Now it’s your turn!


  1. Love your photo…you guys are sooo cute!

  2. Great pictures! Love your few facts list!

  3. Love this idea! Your pictures are sooooo cute!

  4. Yeah — you are too cute for words. Im going to do my darndest to link up this month. Any excuse to look at old photos 🙂

  5. I can do better than that. I put together a video earlier this summer celebrating our relationship! 🙂

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